"We were impressed with Danni within  minutes of meeting her, and throughout her overnights with our son. In addition to caring for him with warmth and patience, she had excellent "bedside manner" with us; she listened well to our concerns and was always gracious and reassuring. She was also extremely professional: very communicative about arrival/departure times, quick to respond to questions and offer advice, and always reviewed our son's day and night with us as soon as she arrived/before she left. Plus, she's easy going and lovely to talk to. We were lucky to have her and wish we could have kept her on board longer!" -LB, Brookline

"Danni was an invaluable resource to our family from the time my oldest son was 3 months old right through the birth of his two brothers – all of whom came along in a span of 3 years!  Danni handled infants and toddlers together flawlessly - with such energy, patience and grace – and really helped smooth the transitions for all involved.  She essentially became a member of our family – anticipating the kids’ needs as well as our own as parents in this very chaotic phase of life. I highly recommend Danni for doula services – I have such confidence in her skills - you would be so lucky to have Danni for support and care for your infant and your family!" - LS, Wellesley

"When I came home from the hospital with my son our house was full of well meaning family members eager to help in any way they could. I knew they meant well but it was all very overwhelming. I'm really not ungrateful, but it took a lot of extra work to explain where the things were in the house and how to do the things they wanted to help.
The only person I wanted around, and never wanted to leave was Danni. She knew exactly what we needed and took initiative without having to ask any questions. She had been caring for very young children for many years and I would always call her first for advice, before I called any of my friends that had children.
She is a calming, confident presence that will make you feel better immediately about your newest roommate!" -CD, Boston 

  "We had Danni come help us when our son was 6 weeks old and she was a lifesaver. She helped us figure out what was causing our son to be so fussy and within a week of having her, he was a different baby. She was not only great at caring for Chase, but also being a sounding board for us. She also helped us around the house, tighting things up, washing bottles etc.. As a first time mom i had so many questions, I had no idea if what i was doing was right and she was there to answer questions, give advice and guidance. She was such a calming voice and helped guide with things like breastfeeding, gas/fussyness, and child development.  She was great at understanding what our sepecfic needs are and giving advice based on what would work best for us. I am so thankful to have had her and recommend her to anyone having a baby!" -AG, South Boston

 "Danni was such a pleasure to work with!  As a first time mom - I do not know what I would have done without her!  She was so helpful from making sure we were ready to bring our little guy home, to let me get a couple hours of precious sleep to preparing for returning to work.  She was professional, knowledgable and I was so at ease with her from the moment we met, our son absolutely loved her as well.  I could not recommend her more!" - KS, Somerville 

"Danni came to us a couple of weeks after our second child was born, which was a bit soonerthan we had expected needing her services. Feeling quite overwhelmed, she right away helped us prioritize how she could be most useful and took the initiative to get started with tasks that we didn’t even know would feel like such a relief to be done! Without being told to do so, she immediately got some household chores started and more significantly, swooped up the attention of my at the time, very challenging toddler. While it is an understatement to say that Danni is very knowledgeable about newborn care, and seemingly everything that goes along with it – how to hold and soothe her, bathe her, and even use some of our new gear such as our carriers and tricky diaper pail - what we didn’t expect was how incredibly gifted she would also be with our toddler! Over the course of our time with her, Danni played such a critical role in helping him adjust to and even embrace what was turning out to be a very difficult transition for him. Danni has such a soft and kind demeanor that she was a calming force on our whole family. Not only did she help with endless practical matters around the house – laundry, cleaning and sorting bottles, tidying up our house, etc. – but she also gave us the gift of showing us how to successfully LEAVE the house altogether without too much trouble. Above all else, however, Danni was just such an incredible emotional support to us all, and she helped make what could have been a very overwhelming and tumultuous time in our lives, such a positive and nurturing experience. She played such a huge role in actually helping me find the space to learn to love the experience of watching our growing family adjust to these changes. Working with Danni was truly such a blessing on our whole family, a real game changer in making this postpartum experience such a memorable and positive time for us. Any family would be beyond lucky to have the opportunity to work with her – she is beyond gifted in her line of work!" -JM, Somerville

  "Danni is a true godsend. She is someone I could totally trust with my baby and always available. She was able to support me and go with the tempo of my household. We transitioned to having 3 children under age 6, one being the newborn.  She helped tremendously with answering questions and supporting me but at the same time helping the whole family with our new adjustment . She's also excellent with preschoolers!
When I came down with an illness she came over and did an overnight letting me get the rest I needed. When I wanted to talk, or needed someone to help with the older two kids she was there. I feel she made this transition truly smoother for us due to her presence and knowledge. She respected our family as well.
I highly recommend Danni." -AM, Arlington

 "Danni is amazing!  I wish I'd hired her with our first child, we could have learned so much that would have made our lives easier and our daughter happier.  Our next birth twins, and Danni was recommended to me for her experience with multiples.  She knows so much, and showed me how to get the boys on the same schedule, which kept our lives relatively sane.  And her advice wasn't something we could have read from a book, it was adapted to our specific babies and to our own lives.  Not only did we learn a lot from Danni, we also benefitted from everything she did for us while she was in our home - she quickly learned how to not only do our laundry but where to put it away, and every time she washed bottles she would reassemble them so they were ready to use.  It was little things like that which made her so efficient and her time so incredibly valuable.  I can't recommend her highly enough!" - MP, Cambridge

 "Working with Danni was wonderful. She was very supportive during an unavoidably chaotic and confusing time. She met with us twice before our son was born, and walked us through a number of tips to prepare our house for our new arrival. Danni then started caring for our son a few times a week when he was as young as two days old -- and made our lives immeasurably easier. Food prep for our own meals, childcare so we could catch up on sleep, feeding guidance for our son, and more. She was always on-time, cheerful, and listened to our questions and gave thoughtful answers." - DS, Roslindale

   "I am a first time mom and it was evident upon arriving home from the hospital that I would need help when my husband went back to work the next week. I don't have much of a support system aside from him and as a first time mom, support is what you need! Danni was a lifesaver. She did chores (laundry, dishes, organizing obscene amounts of hand me downs) but was also someone I felt 100% comfortable with to take care of my daughter when I went to doctor's appointments or just to get out and get a breather. (Babies are HARD!) Danni was a great sounding board and never judged. I thought I had PPD but Danni, having experience with many Moms, explained to me how to determine whether it was truly PPD or baby blues and the overwhelmed feeling that comes with being a new Mom (to your first or 30th child!) but she never shrugged my feelings off and let me talk through my feelings/concerns, she heard me and made me feel confident and successful as a mother. She also made helpful suggestions like introducing a bottle early on to avoid rejection when I returned to work and transitioning to the crib early on (still working on it!) to avoid future headaches. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for support and have told my husband time and again to consider her as he takes over full time parenting for the remainder of the year when I go back to work." -CM, Dorchester

"Danni rescued us when we were overwhelmed with our newborn twins.  As first time parents, we immediately felt comfortable with her, and she was a natural with our daughters.  Danni went above and beyond to help us in every way possible.  She provided care for our daughters when we needed to get sleep at night and to go to appointments during the day.  She even made sure that on occasion we were able to have quiet dinners as a couple and go on date nights.  She shared her insight about infant care and the best products for our daughters.  She patiently answered our questions and alleviated our concerns.  She helped with household tasks like laundry, dishes and making bottles of formula.  She volunteered to help us with Joanna's transition from maternity leave back to work by screening nanny candidates and conducting preliminary interviews with them before suggesting a select few for us to interview.  What really stood out for us was Danni’s willingness to help out in unexpected ways, her incredible commitment to us as a family and the ease with which she connected with our daughters.  Danni generously provided all the support we needed to be the best parents we could to our newborn daughters, and we highly recommend her to any family that is in need of support following the birth of a child or children" - JT, Brookline

   "I became aware of the idea of postpartum doulas when I read a blog post by Danni. I was about 7 months pregnant at the time and having no immediate family in the area I felt that it would be so reassuring to have "a Danni" on hand to help us out. We reached out to Danni and met with her shortly thereafter. We felt very comfortable with her in our home. She was so experienced and knowledgeable and we felt confident that she would be able to help us navigate the early weeks with our newborn. Once our daughter arrived we had so many questions. I would prepare lists of them and bombard Danni once she arrived and she was wonderful at answering all of them! She gave us invaluable tips especially around nursing, soothing & sleeping. After she had put our minds at ease we took advantage of the remaining time and got some well needed rest knowing that our daughter was in her safe hands. We would highly recommend Danni to any expectant parents who feel like they might need a little extra help." -SC, Somerville

  "Danni is wonderful! I can't say enough good things about her as a doula, I'm so happy to be able to share our experience with other families looking for some post-partum doula help. I was a second time mom, struggling to handle the adjustment to 2 children. Danni first came when our baby was 3 months old. I was having back problems and was so exhausted from juggling a toddler and newborn all day. Danni came on short notice and we were beyond happy having her in our home.

She is friendly, warm, empathetic, patient, a great listener, and offers baby/mom/family/sleep advice when appropriate. She is incredibly knowledeable about babies and children in general. I was also amazed how wonderful she was with our two year old as well as the baby. She kept the older one busy with fun games, songs, dance parties, stories, and activities so I could have some quiet time to rest and recover. Danni helped prepare bottles and meals for the older child and feed them both. She is a baby whisperer for sure! She could put our baby down for a nap, cudddling, soothing, singing in such a loving way. She gave the baby baths, did tummy time, and changed diapers like a pro. She helped with things like dishes and cleaning sometimes too. Danni also did some overnights for us as well, which was one of the most helpful things we could have been provided at this time in our lives. We got more sleep than we ever would have without her and we didn't worry about the baby, because Danni was there to care for her for those overnight hours. 

The number one thing Danni provided our family was peace of mind and sanity. I had never left my children with any caregiver before meeting Danni, and from day one, I truly felt comfortable leaving both children in her good care. I was a nervous hiring a post-partum doula, but after I met Danni, I knew we made the right choice. Our older daughter still asks about her several months later. Our family highly receommeds Danni!" -KJ, Arlington